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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Water Free This Winter!

posted by: Toby Boyce in: Ask The Agent

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio, a Delaware Ohio water-damage contractor, shares five key tips to reduce the chance of a water problem this winter. The company offers flood damage cleanup throughout Columbus and outlying cities, among other remediation services. To

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Is It Time to Send Your Agent Packing?

At What Point Does Your Agent Need to Change? It’s been a long summer with your agent. Signs of possibility but nothing comes to fruition. Is time to give your agent the Todd Richard’s treatment? Richards was the respected and

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Real Estate Radio Launches Sunday!

On Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. tune your radio dial to Local 1550 WDLR to catch the initial episode of Real Estate. Real Easy. hosted by yours truly. WDLR is Delaware, Ohio’s local radio station with Fred Shafer hosting the

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Inequality in Buying a Home vs. Mobile Home

“You can’t do it here. It wouldn’t make sense.” whenever the topic of entry-level homes being built in Central Ohio – and Delaware, Ohio, in particular – the response has been the same. you can’t do that here. But, Why

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Do Sex Offenders Live Near You?

Received an alert tonight that a new sex-offender has moved in within two miles of our home in Western Delaware, Ohio. Do you know how to register for the list? It’s pretty easy, just click on the link and fill

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Great Way to Keep Maintenance on Track In Delaware

“We try to keep up on the house but sometimes it just gets away from us. What can we do?” – Susan, Delaware One of those amazing things isn’t. How no matter how much we try, time just seems to

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Where Will Your House Appear? Open House & Dream Homes

When its time to sell your home the one of the primary reasons to hire a real estate agent is to remove the stress from your shoulders. And a big portion of that stress is … getting bodies into the

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