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Q&A: I’m Scared to Buy a House, What Should I Do?

Q&A: I’m Scared to Buy a House, What Should I Do?


“I want to buy a house, but I’m scared. What should I do?” – Susan, Delaware

First, Susan we have to identify what has you scared. There are a lot of options out there for you to “fear” right now.

It could be any collection of …

  1. you’re a first-time home buyer and the process is new,
  2. you have been watching the news and have heard how horrible things are,
  3. one of friends, family, or friends-of-friends has lost their home to foreclosure.

First, let’s get rid of one word in your question – “scared”. I hate that word.

On a recent episode of SportsCenter, author Stephen King said “Fear is the enemy of execution.”

People don’t like to be afraid and will do irrational things when faced with fear. Of course, just saying that isn’t going to alleviate your concerns but I’m hoping that we will now be able to have a good conversation about real estate and the current market.

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Q&A: Why Are Some Homes Displaying Blue Stars?

Q&A: Why Are Some Homes Displaying Blue Stars?

I have to admit, that I’ve been off kilter this weekend and am not really prepared to get back to blogging and all of the things that go with it.

However, I have to get back on the wagon and start moving forward. I don’t have a “Q&A” question already in mind, so I thought I’d do one that has been in the back of my mind this for a while.

“Why are homes displaying blue stars in their windows?”

Blue Star Service BannerDriving throughout downtown Delaware and surrounding communities, you’ll find many homes with a banner that features a white banner with a blue star and a red border. And being the curious sort, I’ve been wondering, “Why?”

“…The mayor of Cleveland, the Chamber of Commerce and the governor of Ohio have adopted this service flag. The world should know of those who give so much for liberty. The dearest thing in all the world to a father and mother – their children.”

Well it turns out, that that tradition is an old one and even has Ohio roots. According to the Veterans Flag Depot, the tradition began during World War I when Army Capt. Robert L. Queissner of the 5th Ohio Infantry had two sons serving on the front lines. It gained popularity, when on Sept. 24, 1917, an Ohio congressman read the following into the Congressional Record: “…The mayor of Cleveland, the Chamber of Commerce and the governor of Ohio have adopted this service flag. The world should know of those who give so much for liberty. The dearest thing in all the world to a father and mother – their children.”

It was standarized during the second World World War and became a fixture in many homes across the nation as we battled the Axis. They fell out of favor during the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War.

However, following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the American Legion launched a dreading campaign, which has now morphed into the National Remember Our Troops Campaign which has brought the tradition back as a form of honoring our troops.

According to the National Remember Our Troops Campaign, the Department of Defense has issued strict guidelines on who can display the blue star.

… regulations currently state that qualified active duty military personnel are Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard including “activated” members of the National Guard and Reserves. There is no requirement that a service member is or was stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere overseas to qualify.
Family members authorized to display the Service Banner include wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, stepparents, parents through adoption, foster parents who stand or stood in loco parentis, sons, daughters, stepchildren, children through adoption, brothers, sisters, half brothers and half sisters of members of the Armed Forces of the United States.

There is also a “Gold Star Banner” which is for those with love-ones that have given the ultimate sacrifice during a time of conflict.

“Q&A” appears on Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio every Tuesday and is a forum for us to answer all your questions. You can send your questions to toby@tobysellshomes.com or use the “contact” form on the upper-right hand corner of this screen.

Q&A: Do Repos Affect My Home Value?

Q&A: Do Repos Affect My Home Value?

A house down the street just went through foreclsoure. How does that affect the value of my home? Tom, Ostrander

This is a fun question to anwer because it is one of those questions that differentiate those that sell real estate and those that teach real estate.

First, let us look at the traditional basis for the “value of your home”. In theory, your home’s value is based upon “arm length transactions” this would elminate reposessions, short sales, family sales, and other transactions in which one side of the transaction has an advantage over the other.


The basic concept is based upon the fair market system, when things are sold openly it is assumed that the true market value is reached. This is how a home’s “value” can change 20 percent or more over the span of a couple of years.

And the “theory” and “practice” would normally work well – however in today’s market the ruls are different.

How different?

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Q&A: Are Manufactored Homes Coming Back?

Q&A: Are Manufactored Homes Coming Back?

“I’m sick of renting this aparment and looking for a home, but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Is a manufactored home a good option for me? – Bridgette, Delaware

I’ve been getting various forms of this question a lot lately, in large part because Disbennett Real Estate lists and sells a lot of mobile homes and also because of my current double-wide listing in Shroyers.

But, I’m not alone. I had lunch with the queen of Marysville real estate this week and she said “I’ve been the mobile home queen this week!”

So that brings, us indirectly back to Bridgette’s question. Yes, you do have options, and for many central Ohioans right now manufactored homes appear to be a popular option.

And why not? Disbennett has three manufactored homes on the market for $17,500, $35,900, and $38,900. To purchase this amount of a home with land attached would cost you a lot more on the surface.#104

A liveable home in the city of Delaware begins at about $80,000 and goes rapidly to the $100,000 range. So it is easy to see why people are interested in buying a modular home. If you can save $70,000 on a similar home doesn’t it make sense? Maybe.

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Q&A: Is Today A Great Time to Buy?

Q&A: Is Today A Great Time to Buy?

I keep watching the news and hearing how bad things are, then I see the ads that say it is a great time to buy. Which is it? Steve, Delaware

Steve has a great question, and one that I’ve also been grappling with a bit. Is today a great time to buy a home? Yes. Is it a great time to buy a home for everyone? No.

Toby, that doesn’t help me.

Decisions -Okay, let’s see if I can do a better job. We have decent interest rates and there is a huge selection of seasoned (aka sitting) inventory on the market right now. If you are a buyer this is a great time to buy a home and be comfortable in your new home.

Well that sounds down-right rosy.

Well unfortunately, in this market there are two types of buyers that might be better served to just sit tight and wait the storm out.

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Q&A: What is Happening to Downtown Delaware Ohio?

Q&A: What is Happening to Downtown Delaware Ohio?

What is going on in downtown Delaware? — Kym, Delaware

Downtown DelawareI’m going to assume that Kym isn’t talking about upcoming events, if she is then I’d say there are a lot of great events coming in downtown Delaware including First Friday coming this Friday night.

But with a lot of Blog traffic coming regarding the status of Avesta Eclectic Cuisine downtown, I’m going to believe that she’s talking about the status of our many downtown businesses.

This is a tough equation to answer. We have a lot of players involved, so let’s meet the players:

“In Powell they are getting …”
– Downtown Building Owner

  • Customers – People like you and I that are being wooed by every marketer across the world – including downtown Delaware.
  • Business Owners – are doing the wooing and keeping their dreams alive by owning a small-business.
  • Building Owners – The people that own these buildings in downtown Delaware and are attempting to keep Delaware’s downtown relevant without losing their own shirts.
  • The City – The city is being wooed by large business developers – like Zaremba – and how they handle the small downtown shops will be key.
  • Mainstreet Delaware – Things were going good in downtown Delaware, and this organization collapsed upon itself …

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How Do I Get Sadie To Talk About My Events?

How Do I Get Sadie To Talk About My Events?

Great site Toby! I wanted to know how I could have my events included on your site? — Bill, Delaware

Gossip - Sophie(c)I’m starting to see a trend in these questions “Great site Toby”. At first, I got this warm-fuzzy feeling that I was making a difference to those in the greater Delaware community. But, now I’m realizing … they are just buttering me up … and let me tell you it works (but not as well as Trotter’s Coffee).

Anyhow, thanks for the question Bill – and thankfully he’s not the only one that asked, but was the only one that “buttered me up”. There are several ways that people can get their events to me.

Probably the easiest is to send it via e-mail (toby@tobysellshomes.com) or you can mail it to the office (110 S. Sandusky St., Delaware, Ohio 43015) and include the key information … who, what, where, when, how much, why should I care, and contact information for someone that can answer any questions I might have.

I have no problem with “for-profit” events but there needs to be a hook that makes it more than just a “pat on the back” for the person involved, hence the why should I (and I being the general public in Delaware, Ohio) should care? It doesn’t have to be a press release, just the basic facts is fine with me.

One important thing to remember is that I reserve the right to use whatever I feel like using … as this is my blog. So if I don’t post your event, don’t take it personally – some things just don’t resonate with me enough to share.

If you are a non-profit don’t forget to sign up for DelawareCountyEvents.com and get your information out to more than 2,000 people on a weekly basis.

Photograph by Sophie and used via license from Stock.xchng.

Q&A: What is a Fee Simple Condo?

Q&A: What is a Fee Simple Condo?

What is a fee simple condo? – Tim, Delaware

TownhouseThanks for taking the time to ask the question, Tim. And you are right on! Sometimes real estate agents – as with all other professions – use the jargon too much. And this time I’m guilty.

First we need to look at your question and break it down.

What is a condo?

A condo is a collection of units where the owner owns the interior walls of the unit, and an association of owners maintains the exterior of the property. For this service, every owner in the unit will pay a “condo fee” which is used to pay for the maintenance of exterior portions of the home.

What is owning a home fee simple?

Owning a home fee simple is a hybrid between single-family home ownership and owning a condo. The majority of fee-simple properties will share at least one common wall with another unit and the roof. However, as owner of the unit you own everything within the prescribed lot — from the mineral rights in the soil to the airspace rights above and often more important the exterior of the unit and the front and back yards.

Because you take care of your own portion there is no fee charged soley for building maintenance, however if something were to go wrong the building owners would have to come together to take care of the problem. So rather than having the association put a new roof on your unit, you’ll have to divide it up among the unit owners in the building to get a new one put on.

Hope that helps.

Photograph by Dan Lat and used via license of Stock.xchng.

Q&A: Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Q&A: Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

We are looking to buy a home from our cousin and a friend has suggested we get a home inspection. Why should we? Tim & Teresa, Delaware

Crime SceneTim and Teresa, you have a wise friend. Home inspections are a great way to get a detailed look beyond the home’s basics. And in your case it gives an unbiased eye to show the state of equipment as you enter into the purchase of your new home.

Picture this scene, you buy the house – under the assumption it has a new furnace because your cousin said it was new – and in a year the furnace breaks. Now what? You have no legal recourse against your cousin — not to mention the famly situation this creates when you get into a “he said, she said” debate at Thanksgiving dinner.

The home inspector takes that out of the equation. A home inspector is going to look at all the mechanicals, the foundation, the roof, and more — giving you a detailed report on the condition as of the inspection date.

This neutral party’s information is invaluable when it comes staying out of a family spat — I’d take that for $300.

For those using real estate agents, it is important to ask when you are recommended an inspector:

Why are you suggesting this inspector?

Home InspectionThere are inspectors that do a great job, but as in any profession there are those that get business by spending money as highlighted by BribeWatch.org.

The basic concept is this, inspectors pay to be included on preferred vendor list distributed by real estate companies.

Does this make them bad inspectors? No.

But it does create some “questions” about if they really work for you or the real estate agent. Are these over-blown? Depends on your experience.

Well, Toby who do you suggest we use?

Well I think you need to look at all the options, but I have used Pillar to Post’s Blaine Cochran on several occassions and my clients have been impressed by his service. He’s reasonably priced – $200-$300 – and through in his investigation of the property.

And no, I didn’t get anything from Blaine for this endorsement.

Top photograph by scol22 and bottom photograph by Daniel Gebhart and both used via license from Stock.xchng.

Q&A: Why Should I Move to Delaware Ohio?

Q&A: Why Should I Move to Delaware Ohio?

Toby – I love your blog! I have recently been transferred to Columbus and am trying to decide on a home for my family. Why should I choose Delaware over the other options? -Steve B.

Wow. Nothing like coming at me with all guns ablazing Steve. Why is Delaware better than the other options in central Ohio? First, I think there are a lot of great communities in central Ohio and I’m sure that they might argue with my list. But hey, this is my list so they can make their own …

College-Town Atmosphere.  I don’t know what it is, but towns with a college in the middle of it, just have this unique flavor that other cities don’t have. Why? I’m not 100 percent sure, but it could be all these amazing minds the converge on the small town and  bring their unique world views to campus. I have friends that attend Ohio Wesleyan that spent their summer all over the world — from Montana to Japan to Mexico to the Mississippi coast — and have brought this worldly view to our community of 30,000. But it goes beyond just OWU as we add the unique views of students from Methesco to the community as well. I remember when I was 21 and thought I could rule the world, the energy from these young people is so catchy.

Always Something to Do. One of my pet peeves is the person that says “there is nothing to do in Delaware”. Well, what are you looking for? I’m sure that I can find something for you to do.

  •  Shopping? We’ve got the diverse shops downtown.
  • Culture? Check out Cetral Ohio Symphony and the numerous Ohio Wesleyan events not to mention the Arts Castle.
  • A Movie? Strand Theatre is calling your name!
  • Sports? Okay, so we don’t have a professional team, but Ohio Wesleyan offers just about any sport you could want to watch and the athletes are not over paid babies. Not to mention the Cows in the summer.
  • Food? What do you like and we’ll find a place for you from Gullas to Old Bag to Corner Cafe to Gaylords.

Affordable Housing. While there are communities that are more prestigious than Delaware, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a town with all that we offer where you can still purchase a home for less than $100,000. Of course, we have sections where houses sell for more than $300,000 but there are also redeveloping areas where houses can be had for a good price to a person that is wililng to help redevelop their community.

Good Schools. Whether you live in Delaware City Schools or attend Buckeye Valley or Olentangy the areas schools have been rated as at least “effective” by the state board of education.

Amazing People. Yes, I’m a REALTOR(r) so you’d expect me to say this. However, if you don’t believe stop in Trotter’s Coffee Company sometime and just sit and enjoy a cup a coffee. You pick up how friendly this community is and how much we interact with one another. But it doesn’t have to be there, just sit on one of the park benches that line Sandusky Street and you’ll get the same feel. Sure there are some that hustle-and-bustle but the majority stop and greet those as they meet and say “hi”.

Steve, so I think a better question than why you should choose Delaware, is why wouldn’t you choose Delaware?

Q&A: What Can I Do With Yellow Cucumbers?

Q&A: What Can I Do With Yellow Cucumbers?

What can I do with yellow cucumbers?

Ahh, this I have to admit is a “loaded” question, as I have this nice little recipe and was surprised to find that not many in Delaware have ever heard of it.

Must be a “Danville-thing” but then I got it from my Dad, which would make it a “Butler-thing” and he got it from his Mom which would make it a “Fond Du Lac (Wisconsin) thing” … so we’ll just say it’s a family recipe.

Anyhow back to the question … which was … oh yeah.


What can I do with yellow cucumbers?

Well we all know that as summer wears on those lovely crisp cucumbers begin to get softer and begin to get a bitter taste to them.

This is a really tough recipe, so be sure to read it very carefully. 🙂

  1. Create an egg bath with one egg and a little milk. Just mix them together in a bowl big enough for the cucumbers to take a relaxing final bath in.
  2. Place flour in a bowl next to the egg bath.
  3. Peel and slice the cucumbers into 1/8-inch pieces.
  4. Heat a small amount of oil in a sauce pan until it is hot.
  5. Pick-up a sliced cucumber.
  6. Towel dry it
  7. Dip it in the egg bath, getting both sides wet.
  8. Dip into the flour and shake off the excess flour – you are only looking for a thin layer of flour.
  9. Drop the floured into the oil and allow to pan fry until golden brown and delicious.

Not that hard. Very easy. And best of all down-right tasty.

Trying to be a little more healthy, we’ve eliminated the “egg bath” and it has worked but don’t dry the cucumbers first.

What else do you do with yellow cucumbers?

Q&A: Why Can’t I Get a Straight Answer from the Loan Officer?

Q&A: Why Can’t I Get a Straight Answer from the Loan Officer?

Curve - Butler Road, Butler, Ohio

One of the most popular questions Toby receives regards loan officers and all the questions they like to ask. The basic question will be our Q&A for this week.

Why can’t I get a straight answer on the rates from the lender I called? All I want to know is the rate and how much they charge.

In the “old” days, there were only a couple of options available — and it became easier to “put you in a mortgage.” However today, the options are much greater and a professional will ask a lot of questions to determine what the best rate is for you.

And I’m not a professional mortgage lender, but Brian Brady is. He has a great article, “Call to ARMS“, on his America’s Mortgage Broker blog. And that article has generated additional questions, all of which are basically…

Would it be better for me to have an adjustable-rate or fixed-rate mortgage?

Brian’s basic premise is that the “risk aversion” of signing a fixed-rate mortgage costs you money — especially in today’s market when a 3-years adjustable-rate mortgage is .75 percent lower than a 30-year fixed rate loan. That’s a lot of money in a mortgage payment. And the wise investor can make a lot of money off that loan.

However as Brian points out, the problem arises when the loan officer is a “loan hack” and doesn’t lay-out the loan options for you.

A couple of “notes”

  • This is a game of poker. If you only ante when you have a full house — then a 30-year fixed rate mortgage is probably best for you, but if you like to “play the game” and will ante on a pair of 2s, then there is probably an ARM that will work for you.

  • Do not use the ARM to get into more house than you can afford. If you can buy a $100,000 house with a 30-year fixed mortgage, and someone “gives” you an offer for a $200,000 house for the same payment doesn’t something stand out? At some point you are going to have to pay the piper

  • A penny saved is a penny earned. When you “save” money with your adjustable-rate mortgage, put that money away and save it for a rainy day. Remember that by taking a more risky loan, you could be paying more for the house later – or less – and by saving your earlier winnings can help you in case things get tough.

  • Make sure that everything is on the up-and-up and if you have a question ASK! There are a lot of loan hacks out there that will overstate income (even in this era when it is in the news) and try to pressure you to sign the documents (whether a new purchase or refi). When ever there is pressure, stop and read what you are signing. And if something doesn’t feel right … walk away!

Make sure to read Brian’s posts on this topic as he does a wonderful job of explaining it.

Photograph by Toby Boyce (C) 2007 and is the rural Butler Road located in southeast Richland County.

Q & A: How Do I Ask a Question?

Q & A: How Do I Ask a Question?

Seems a little cheap to me, but we are going to start-off he “Q & A” portion of the blog with a basic question.

Q: How Do I Submit My Question?

A: Well, that’s easy enough. You can use the “contact us” page which will allow you to e-mail the question via our online form, or you can send it to me through normal e-mail at toby@tobysellshomes.com or give us a call at 740-990-9748.

See, that wasn’t so hard, now, was it.

Do You Need to Insure Your Land?

Do You Need to Insure Your Land?

Apple Valley Lot - Howard OhioI’m not the right one to answer that question, however Stephanie Seery over at Save With Stephanie is.

And just today she did answer the question on her blog. What’s the answer? You’ll have to visit her site to find out.

Stephanie is a Nationwide Insurance agent with DeWitt Agency and works out of Delaware, Ohio.

Photograph is of Toby’s listing in Apple Valley located on Valley Ridge Drive.

Do You Know Where Matt D’Orazio Went to College?

Do You Know Where Matt D’Orazio Went to College?

As the Arena Football League continues to gain in popularity, it is fun to have football to watch on Monday night (live on ESPN2 and Mike & Mike). And tonight the Chicago Rush are playing John Bon Jovi’s Philadelphia Soul.

The Rush quarterback is Matt D’Orazio, a former Columbus Destroyer. D’Orazio is a graduate of Columbus St. Charles High School and was an amazing quarterback at Otterbein College in Westerville (just south of the Franklin and Delaware County line).

Toby had the chance to watch D’Orazio carve-up Heidelberg’s defense while he was The ‘Berg’s Sports Information Director.

Did You Know, Major League Batters Are Swinging a Local Bat?

Did You Know, Major League Batters Are Swinging a Local Bat?

Phoenix Baseball Bats

“Lefty, why don’t you spin us some bats?

A pretty benign beginning 11 years ago for a company that is today the bat provider for several Major League players and numerous minor leaguers. However, if you asked Lefty (Charlie Trudeau) that same question today, you’d probably get the same response. “Sure.”

The interview with Trudeau, president of Phoenix Bat Company, was interrupted on a couple of occasions, first as the Frontier League’s Washington Wild Things made their order and an order from Vintage Base Ball player in California.

Both of which were handled with the exact same level of care and class by Trudeau. But that wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows the roots of Phoenix Bat Company in Plain City, Ohio.

Trudeau was a home restoration specialist and a member of the Ohio Village Muffins, the Vintage Base Ball team that plays for the Ohio Historical Society. Finding bats for the league was difficult and team members approached Lefty about turning bats for the league.

“They knew I had a full workshop at home from my restoration business,” said Trudeau. “I turned my first bat and it became a hobby.”

But the hobby began to take over, Trudeau found himself taking more time off work to turn bats. And he faced a decision – keep the bats as a hobby or make the jump to a full-time bat producer. “I didn’t want to look back in 20 years and wonder if I could have had a bat in the major leagues.”

Well it didn’t take 20 years for Trudeau to get the answer to that question and this year Phoenix Bat Company has three full-time employees and will turn about 9,000 bats.

Phoenix’s clients include Tony Bautista, Pedro Feliz (this looks like a Phoenix Bat he’s swining), Rafael Furcal, Kansas City prospect Billy Butler, and Indians’ prospect John Drennen (right). Drennen is best-known for hitting a home run off Roger Clemens during a game with the Lexington Legends.

“I was at my daughter’s softball game when they called and we all got excited.” That is an experience that has never gotten old for Lefty. “The experience of seeing one of my bats in use still is a ‘yes’ moment for me. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a major league game, a minor league game, a vintage game, or just a bunch of kids playing in the backyard.”

Phoenix is currently working with Butler to create its first “name” bat. Anyone will be able to swing the same bat as what Butler does. Sounds amazing, but really it isn’t a big deal for Phoenix Bat Company. If you ordered Butler’s model, it would be the same bat (minus Butler’s name) as what Phoenix ships by the dozen to Butler.

“The bat quality we ship to our major leaguers is the same as we sell to the general public,” says Trudeau. Figuring out the model for a Phoenix Bat Company bat is tough considering this small company has between 200 and 300 different models. “We have models that we only made one bat of, and others that have become very popular with our customers.”

And those customers are as varied as the designs. Phoenix is a top-producer of Vintage Base Ball bats and is working with today’s baseball players. It doesn’t even stop at baseball as they are currently making a lot of softball bats. “We’ve seen a lot of leagues ban metal bats all together,” says Trudeau. “They’ve made the decision out of liability concerns and just making the fields obsolete.”

That was a decision that Phoenix found itself facing several years ago. Trudeau had improved his ability to turn bats from 5 hours down to 15 minutes. However, it was a very labor-heavy business. “We had several part-time employees and it was very hard to train and maintain the consistency that the buyer expects from a bat.” Hence, Trudeau upgraded to one of the most technologically-advanced systems on the market. The bat creation time fell from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. However, that wasn’t the end of the advancement. In the old days he hand-turned each of the dowels into a sample bat, shipped it to the player and then made adjustments before it went on the repeater.

With the new technology, all Trudeau needs is his computer and an Internet connection. “For example, this year at spring training Furcal wanted to change his bat. I designed it on the computer, in my room that night, uploaded it to the office, it was turned the next day and a few days later I was giving Rafael the prototype.”

The machine is an amazing piece of work as it turns a normal looking dowel rod into a professional baseball bat – or whatever else might be requested.

“We’ve had some unique requests that we’ve designed,” said Trudeau. “When the [Columbus] Clippers break-ground on Huntington Park they want the shovels to have bats as handles.” And while that is unique a Phillies’ fan took the top-spot. “We were contacted by the Phillies after one of their fans passed away about doing a bat-shaped urn.”

While you may never be able to purchase Phoenix Funeral Urns, Lefty does see a day coming when you will be able to purchase a Phoenix bat alongside the Louisville Slugger at your local sporting goods store. “I can easily see us branching out in that direction,” says Trudeau.

And with where Phoenix has come in 11 short-years, I wouldn’t challenge him – besides he carries a big bat.

You can order bats from Phoenix Bats Company online or by visiting their offices at 7801 Corporate Boulevard Suite E in Plain City [map].

Did You Know: The Largest Lamborghini Dealership in the US?

Did You Know: The Largest Lamborghini Dealership in the US?

I know that most of us can only dream about owning a Lamborghini, but did you know that the largest Lamborghini Dealership in the United States is located only 20 minutes from Delaware?

Lamborghini Ohio is located on State Route 36 just before U.S. 33 in Marysville, only 20 minutes from Delaware’s west side. The current new inventory only shows two cars, a 5.0 V10 Gallardo and a 6.5 V12 Murcielago, and neither has a price tag. Of course, if you have to ask “how much is the Lamborghini?” You can’t afford it. But to give an idea, the 1992 Lamborghini Diablo is on the market for $112,900.

On April 27, the dealership will have its one-year anniversary at the new location. It will be “Lamborghini Ohio Night” in Marysville. In addition the event will include a Gallardo Roadshow, Open House, downtown Lamborghini and Ferrari cruise, and Dinner and VIP Party in downtown Columbus.

Did You Know About: David Blaney Being from Hartford?

Did You Know About: David Blaney Being from Hartford?

David BlaneyA new segment on Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio is “Did You Know About”.

There are several great people and places in the local area. Things that Delaware County residents either take for granted or don’t even know is right under their nose.

We start with one of NASCAR’s hottest drivers – David Blaney. And a Toby’s didn’t know moment.

There was always a sense of pride when watching NASCAR and seeing that Blaney is from Hartford, Ohio.  Problem is that it isn’t the Hartford Toby thought it was.

There are at least two Hartfords in Ohio, one in Trumbull County in Northeast Ohio and another in northwest Licking County — only about 10 miles from Sunbury.

Well Blaney is from the one near Warren, Ohio, while Toby thought he was from the one near Croton.

Even without Blaney, the Croton area is known for being home to “The Biggest Little Fair in the World” — the Hartford Independent Fair. And it is a great time. Toby and Gretchen have gone the past two years and enjoyed the livestock sales and a packed midway. It is an independent fair, bringing together Licking, Knox and Delaware Counties for a nice “old fashioned” fair.

This year’s fair will run from August 5-11.