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Real Estate Radio Launches Sunday!

On Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. tune your radio dial to Local 1550 WDLR to catch the initial episode of Real Estate. Real Easy. hosted by yours truly.

listen to real estate radio show toby boyce howard hanna
Can’t hear 1550 AM in your area? Click on image to listen online!

WDLR is Delaware, Ohio’s local radio station with Fred Shafer hosting the morning show and even includes Delaware City’s Lee Youkum on Fridays with city news and updates. This Weeks Real Estate. Real Easy. show will include a projection on December 2014 and answer to three of real estate’s key questions.

  1. How is Delaware’s commercial market? (including the secret on why it is so hard to get a national restaurant.)
  2. Should I list my home now or wait until spring?
  3. Do Open Houses Work?

Can’t get 1550 WDLR in your area? Then tune-in at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday to catch it online.

Boyce is a licensed real estate agent with Howard Hanna RealCom Realty in Delaware, Ohio and has been since 2006. His experience has ranged from investment to residential to commercial transactions. Boyce serves on the Board of Directors for the Women’s City Club of Delaware Foundation and assists with numerous other charities.


Inequality in Buying a Home vs. Mobile Home

“You can’t do it here. It wouldn’t make sense.”

whenever the topic of entry-level homes being built in Central Ohio – and Delaware, Ohio, in particular – the response has been the same. you can’t do that here.Facebookinstagramsocialtile-300x300

But, Why Not?

And that’s when the brave try to explain while the majority simply replies ’cause. It won’t work.


we can send a man to the moon, make celebrities out of pawn brokers, and build a driverless car. but, we can’t build an entry-level home that allows first-time home buyers to buy a home in respect to their income and not be forced to rent.

So, when Blog Action Day 2014 topic of inequality was announced, we at Ohio Home Team felt it very close to our heart and beliefs to take on the challenges of the inequality in housing but focus on a single aspect of the housing population — mobile homes.

What’s Wrong With Mobile Home Sales in Delaware, Ohio?

In the good-old days buying a mobile home wasn’t much different than that buying a home. However, when the Savings & Loan collapse was in large-part blamed on being too heavily invested in these mobile forms of transportation.

The Broken System

The system itself has become stigmatized towards the plight of the poor and impoverished in a way that has even crept into the financial and legal process.

  • Lack of Required Residential Property Disclosures. If you buy virtually any single-family to four-family real estate in the state of Ohio, you are required to have a residential property disclosure provided and signed for by the buyer. There are a few exceptions but one that isn’t even on the form is for a mobile home.
  • Limited Options for Purchase Finance. Did you know that if you are buying a single-wide or a double-wide not on a permanent foundation there is only one option for financing the property. And they will require at least 25% down and about a 700 credit score to even get considered.

So let me get this right. It is harder to buy a home or a car than it is to buy a mobile home?

The problem with that is simple — at least to me — in that the people buying mobile homes in Central Ohio are doing it because its the only option they have.

But Aren’t Mobile Homes Considered Cars?

Ahh, my favorite part of this argument … Well they are titled as a car so we should treat it as a car…

Seriously? You go and buy a new sofa. Which vehicle are you going to use to take it home, your Camaro or F-150?

Duh, Toby that’s pretty stupid.

Yeah, but they are titled the same. So based on your assumption they should both be able to do the exact same thing. Of course they don’t but in the mind of the state they all look exactly the same. Single and double-wide homes are not moved as often or in the same manner as travel trailers. So we should be able to take this situation and make a change.

How Do We Fix the Inequality in Mobile Home Housing?

Well it’s a challenge. I am suggesting a two-prong approach – one that can be done by the private sector and the other would require an act of the Ohio legislature to make this happen.

  1. Create More Opportunities for Mobile Home Financing. This is a private initiative that works through the program to develop competition in the mobile home market. 15% interest rates and irrational credit score requirements is not good, but the way to solve it is by having an alternative for Ohio’s mobile home population.
  2. Require the Residential Property Disclosure on All Mobile Home Sales. This will require the population to put stress on its elected officials to make a change. A former client purchased a mobile home where the previous owners had very obviously just painted over several water and fungal-growth issues in the home. But because there was no formal documentation process on the property the buyer has no recourse.

I don’t want – nor do I believe – every person to own a home. However, the mobile home sector is a good way for some people to make the move from renting to owning especially in Delaware County where the average home sells for $225,000.

Something can change. And we – as a people – can do it through programs like Blog Action Day.

Do Sex Offenders Live Near You?

delaware ohio,sexual offender, notification, list, email
The Delaware County Sheriff Office’s Web site to track sexual offenders in the County. (Delaware County Sheriff)

Received an alert tonight that a new sex-offender has moved in within two miles of our home in Western Delaware, Ohio.

Do you know how to register for the list?

It’s pretty easy, just click on the link and fill out the form. Then Sheriff Martin’s staff will keep you abreast of adjustments to offenders in your area.

Filter Fast, Delaware, Ohio, owning a home

Great Way to Keep Maintenance on Track In Delaware

“We try to keep up on the house but sometimes it just gets away from us. What can we do?”

– Susan, Delaware

Filter Fast, Delaware, Ohio, owning a home
Getting behind on changing filters? can help with that. []

One of those amazing things isn’t. How no matter how much we try, time just seems to shrink away from us? We’ve been guilty of this exact thing as well. But I’ve found a couple of “tricks” that I use to keep a couple of the key items on task.

Changing Smoke Alarm Batteries. This has been one of the biggest pushes most recently with the campaigns to check your batteries when also changing the clocks in your home. However, not checking the smoke alarm won’t make you late for service at Terra Nova Community Church on Sunday. But that one time you need it … being diligent could very much save your life.

Regular Inspection of Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System. When it comes to our homes the “heart” is the furnace pumping air throughout the house — cooling on hot summer days and heating on those frigid cold winter days. And just like our heart, regular maintenance and check-ups will not only keep your system working longer but also reduce the likely hood that it will break down during extreme weather situations. We’ve recently signed an agreement with Aire Serv of Greater Columbus, owned by Delaware-resident Dale Matheny, to visit the house two times per year and inspect our furnace and air conditioning system. For about $160 a year Aire Serv will visit our home two times per year, in spring and fall, to inspect our furnace and air conditioning units. As part of the plan, if any service is required we receive a 15% discount on Aire Serv’s services.

Changing Your Furnace Filter. Probably the most basic thing you can do to keep your home systems running right is changing the filters on your appliances. Yet, in the daily grind it is one of the easiest to forget to do. Have water dispenser in your refrigerator? When was the last time you changed the filter? Yeah, I thought so. That’s where comes very-very handy. The North Carolina-based retailer not only has better prices on filters than I found at the local Big Box stores but you can create a scheduled delivery. So for our refrigerator we need to change the filter every six months – so automatically will send out the refrigerator filter. They also handle the filters for your furnace. Schedule your order and they’ll keep filters in your possession.

Schedule Reminders on Your Phone. So you’ve got a box of furnace filters but need another trigger? Me too. So I’ve gone to setting an alarm on iPhone for every 90 days — adjust for the recommended repair time of your furnace — that I need to change the filter in the furnace. I do the same for putting fertilizer on the lawn, when to Miracle Grow the garden, and lots of other household chores that I need a little reminder to complete.

Toby Boyce and Ohio Home Team, ltd. received no financial or other incentive for any of the companies mentioned in this post.

selling your home, market a home, corner cafe, delaware, ohio, open house, dream home

Where Will Your House Appear? Open House & Dream Homes

When its time to sell your home the one of the primary reasons to hire a real estate agent is to remove the stress from your shoulders.

selling your home, market a home, corner cafe, delaware, ohio, open house, dream home
Toby advertises in Open House and Dream Homes magazine monthly. It is on display racks around central Ohio, including the Corner Cafe in Delaware, Ohio, as shown here with a monthly distribution of more than 20,000 issues.

And a big portion of that stress is … getting bodies into the house.

We understand that and have spent hours — maybe even days — studying buyer demographics and determining where it would be best to showcase your home for sale. We are proud to announce that we are in the January issue of Open House & Dream Homes which publishes more than 20,000 copies each month for free distribution around central Ohio.

Why print/magazine?

Basically put, because people still pick them up and skim through them to get to know what they like and where they are beginning their search for a home. Our goal is to get you on their mind from the very beginning and make that decision quick and easy and get your home sold.

Thinking About Listing Your Home?
Contact Toby Today!

Mortgage Flowchart. Courtesy of

Do I Qualify For A Mortgage?

Just starting to look for a home? Well now is the time to think about qualifying for a mortgage loan.

This flowchart will give you an idea of what the loan programs that are available right now.

Mortgage Flowchart. Courtesy of
Courtesy of

This flowchart is not perfect! It is actually pretty conservative which is something I found pretty reassuring compared to some of the one’s I’ve seen.

How to Get a Loan
  1. Hold this piece of glass under your nose
  2. breathe
  3. did it fog?
  4. You’re approved!

Okay, in honesty that was mostly prior to 2007, but it is starting to loosen up and some people are talking like the good old days again.

However, this is a pretty conservative look at buying a home and if it says “no” I wouldn’t say that’s the final answer.

Any mortgage officer can help you buy a home, however Toby works with professionals he can trust and works with his buyers in their best interest among the options include:

Sherod McGuire
Red Brick Mortgage

(614) 785 – 9900
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Kelley Hall
Equity Resources

NMLS# 514264/ LO.030220.001
(614) 209-9209
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Bill Channell
First Federal Lakewood

NMLS# 470707
(614) 963 – 5864
E-Mail Him!
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And of course, don’t forget that Toby can show you homes anywhere in Central Ohio but especially knows northern Central Ohio.

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Real Estate Q&A: Should I Sell Gutted House As-Is or Rehab?

“Fire-damage required stripping to the studs. I am considering selling and don’t know if one option is better than the other for obtaining down payment on new property?”

fire starter, Jeinny Solis S., stock.xchng
When a fire occurs it often creates an issue with how to sell the home. [Jeinny Solis S., stock.xchng]
Well, that all comes down to money. Point blank. Plain and simple. I know it sounds callous and harsh but when you are investing in real estate or dealing with a property that’s been damaged it is essentially the only way to look at things.

The key here is the question’s last part: what is best for obtaining a down payment on a new property. Assumption is that you are rolling the funds from the home into a new investment as a down payment. Which means we need to sell the house for as much “outright” as we can.

We also have to assume that you own the subject free-and-clear and have made no insurance claims in regards to the fire damage. Keep in mind if you have a mortgage the bank will often make a decision on what they deem to be the best “answer” to this question for you in consultation with your mortgage company.

Okay, now let’s assume that as-is the property will sell for $25,000 and with real-estate related fees you’ll make just over $19,000 on the sale. Totally rehabbed, you could sell it for $115,000 and the rehabilitation would cost you $50,000. You would net about $102,00 after the real estate fees and then that drops to $52,000 after the rehabilitation costs are taken into account.

Okay, so I’ll rehab it … $33,000 more in my pocket!

Well, not so fast there Mr. Investor.

That $33,0000 is subject to cost over runs and when you have a gutted house you never know what you are going to get into. Haven’t you ever watched Flipping Sheboygan

That $33,000 doesn’t include carrying costs, which would be basically taxes and opportunity cost on other options that you could have moved your money into had you taken that $19,000 purchased something right away. However, the biggest cost not included is cost over-runs on the budget for rehabbing the current property.

Should You Rehab a Damage Property or Sell it As-Is?

Well that depends on your risk situation and your comfort level with that risk. If you are playing with next month’s mortgage on your personal residence then sell it as-is for what you can. If you’re in a stronger financial position where you can take on the added risk to make a little more money then go for the bigger bucks if that’s up your alley.