Great Way to Keep Maintenance on Track In Delaware

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“We try to keep up on the house but sometimes it just gets away from us. What can we do?” – Susan, Delaware One of those amazing things isn’t. How no matter how much we try, time just seems to shrink away from us? We’ve been guilty of this exact thing as well. But I’ve […]

Where Will Your House Appear? Open House & Dream Homes

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When its time to sell your home the one of the primary reasons to hire a real estate agent is to remove the stress from your shoulders. And a big portion of that stress is … getting bodies into the house. We understand that and have spent hours — maybe even days — studying buyer […]

Do I Qualify For A Mortgage?

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Just starting to look for a home? Well now is the time to think about qualifying for a mortgage loan. This flowchart will give you an idea of what the loan programs that are available right now. This flowchart is not perfect! It is actually pretty conservative which is something I found pretty reassuring compared […]

Real Estate Q&A: Should I Sell Gutted House As-Is or Rehab?

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“Fire-damage required stripping to the studs. I am considering selling and don’t know if one option is better than the other for obtaining down payment on new property?” Well, that all comes down to money. Point blank. Plain and simple. I know it sounds callous and harsh but when you are investing in real estate […]

Real Estate Q&A: When Should I Put My House on The Market?

We’ve been considering listing our house for sale but have always been told to wait for Spring. But should be wait? – Susan, Delaware The short answer is always the most frustrating one, that depends. Now allow me to take a few minutes to explain with two different scenarios and decide which one your home […]

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