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Buckeye Valley honored for advanced placement

Buckeye Valley only County School to Earn Prestigious Honor

Buckeye Valley Local Schools is one of 547 school districts in the U.S. and Canada being honored by the College Board with placement on the fifth-Annual AP® District Honor Roll for increasing access to AP course work while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning scores of 3 or higher on AP Exams.

Buckeye Valley honored for advanced placement
Buckeye Valley only Delaware County school included on AP District Honor Roll.

BV is the only Delaware County school and joins Dublin City Schools and Worthington Schools as the only central Ohio districts. Inclusion on the fifth Annual AP District Honor Roll is based on the examination of three years of AP data, from 2012 to 2014, looking across 34 AP Exams, including world language and culture. The following criteria were used.

  • Increase participation/access to AP by at least 4 percent in large districts, at least 6 percent in medium districts, and at least 11 percent in small districts;
  • Increase or maintain the percentage of exams taken by African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaska Native students; and
  • Improve performance levels when comparing the percentage of students in 2014 scoring a 3 or higher to those in 2012, unless the district has already attained a performance level at which more than 70 percent of its AP students are scoring a 3 or higher.

Reaching these goals indicates that the district is successfully identifying motivated, academically prepared students who are ready for the opportunity of AP. Since 2012, Buckeye Valley Local Schools has increased the number of students participating in AP while improving the number of students earning AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.

The district continues to identify instructional models and courses that provide a menu of options for students looking to advance their coursework beyond the traditional offerings.

For a complete list of honorees visit here.


It Happened This Week in Delaware Real Estate!

Another exciting week in Delaware, Ohio, real estate that ended on Halloween.

For the week there was 93 valid transfers recorded by the Delaware County Auditor’s Office and released this morning. Those valid transfers averaged $277,352 per home, which was a large drop from last week. However, the number would be expected to rise next week as the real estate closings from the end of the week get recorded.

Top Five Real Estate Transactions

Delaware County, October 25-31, 2014
  1. $1,155,720. 5571 Via Alvito Drive, Westerville, residential vacant land.
  2. $622,500. 2581 Meadowshire Road, Galena, single family owner occupied.
  3. $564,486. 6409 Braymoore Drive, Galena. residential vacant land.
  4. $515,000. 7194 Brodie Boulevard, Dublin. single-family owner occupied.
  5. $515,000. 595 Retreat Lane, Powell. single-family owner occupied.

As usual, Toby Boyce would doubt that if you drove by 5571 Via Alvito or 6409 Braymoore you’d find vacant land. Instead you’d find a couple beautiful homes – Via Alvito by Romanelli & Hughes and Bryamoore by M/I Homes – that were just completed.

Top-Priced Real Estate Transactions By City

For the Week October 25-31, 2014
  • Ashley (1) — 0 Ashley Road, $105,000.
  • Columbus (5) — 9128 Scenic View Circle, $185,000.
  • Delaware (27) — 232 Olentangy Crossings, $339,302.
  • Dublin (3) — 7194 Brodie Boulevard, $515,000.
  • Galena (7) — 2581 Meadowshire Road, $622,500.
  • Lewis Center (7) — 6147 Scarlet, $360,221.
  • Marengo (1) — 7940 Lott Road, $270,000.
  • Ostrander (1) — 5477 Stover Road, $120,000.
  • Powell (17) — 595 Retreat Lane, $515,000.
  • Radnor (1) — 0 Fulton Creek Road, $34,000.
  • Sunbury (11) — 0 Safron Drive, $299,185.
  • Westerville (7) — 5571 Via Alvito Drive, $1,155,720.

There were some other key news pieces to come to light this past week that could have a direct-impact on those owning property in Delaware County, Ohio.

Breaking, Interesting Real Estate News

  • Dublin (22) and Powell (9) were named among the 50 best suburbs in America, according to Columbus Business Firsty
  • Orange Township has emerged as the third candidate for Amazon’s $1 billion data center according to Columbus Business First. The location appears to be on 74-acres on the southwest corner of Home Road and U.S. 23 North — just north of the “bridge to nowhere” — with a petition being submitted to the township for rezoning.
  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning commission announced its 2015 Member Population Estimates with Jerome Township and New Albany among the region’s fastest growing. As a whole MORPC estimates Central Ohio will grow by less than one percent in 2015.

Some good signs coming in Delaware City and Delaware County. And as always, if you want information on any of the above articles or just to chat real estate call Toby Boyce at 740-990-9748 or via e-mail.

trick or treat real estate home buyer transaction

What Happened in Delaware Real Estate This Week?

Trick-or-Treat Edition

trick or treat real estate home buyer transaction
It was treat over trick for home sellers in Delaware County, Ohio, last week. [art by Maria Li]

It was definitely a treat for many in Delaware County, Ohio, this past week with 83 properties changing hands with an average value of just over $372,151.

Top Five Real Estate Transfers Last Week

  1. $659,813. 5481 Via Alvito Drive, Westerville, Single-family vacant land.
  2. $625,000. 8348 Steitz Road, Powell, Single-family owner-occupied.
  3. $595,910. 6112 Braymoore Drive, Galena, Single-family owner-occupied.
  4. $544,750. 8209 Coldwater Drive, Powell. Other residential.
  5. $518,816. 4615 Sanctuary Drive, Westerville, Residential vacant land.


It was a good week to be in the Sunbury zip code (43074), with the highest average sales price in the county last for zip codes with at least five valid transactions. Sunbury home owners average $424,038 per sale last week, while Westerville ($330,812), Powell ($319,513), and Galena ($264,401) rounded out the top five Delaware County zip codes this past week.

Top Delaware County Sales by City

  • Ashley (0)
  • Centerburg (1) – 5999 Lane Road, $375,000
  • Columbus (1) – 1588 England Drive, $209,000
  • Delaware (20) – 7970 Reins Court, $447,883
  • Dublin (1) – 8790 Davington, $340,000
  • Galena (7) – 6112 Braymoore, $595,910
  • Kilbourne (1) – 3720 North Old State Road, $171,650
  • Lewis Center (17) – 7070 Sedge Drive, $358,237
  • Ostrander (2) – Huston Street, $105,000
  • Powell (12) – 8348 Steitz Road, $625,000
  • Radnor (0)
  • Sunbury (7) – 285 Dent Road, $465,000
  • Westerville (17) – 4615 Sanctuary Drive, $518,816

Until we meet again, if you need assistance with your real estate transaction contact Toby Boyce at (740) 990-9748.

Delaware County’s Top 5 Sales From Last Week

Delaware County processed 66 valid property transfers last week it was reported today.

Of those transfers, nearly 97 percent were for residential properties including vacant land, condominiums, or single-family residences. (Usage code 500, 501, 510, 511, and 550 for those familiar with that sort of thing.)


The average sales price of a home in Delaware County was $276,577 last week.

Top Five Delaware County Transactions

  1. $860,000, 6940 Stillwater Cove, Westerville, Ohio, single-family home.
  2. $772,000, 5230 Woodbridge Avenue, Powell, Ohio, single-family home.
  3. $660,000, 5623 Wild Pine Court, Westerville, Ohio, single-family home.
  4. $515,000, 4250 Marysville Road, Delaware, Ohio, cash – grain or general farm.
  5. $512,000, 8429 Clarington Court, Powell, Ohio, single-family home.

Delaware County is a diverse community and no where does that show up more prevalent than the community breakdown of sales – both quantity (number in parenthesis) and volume.

Top Sales By Community

  • Ashley (1) – 400 East High Street, $40,000.
  • Delaware (17) – 4250 Marysville Road, $515,000.
  • Dublin (1) – 5757 Whitecraigs Court, $348,000.
  • Galena (2) – 10065 Sage Creek Drive, $160,000.
  • Lewis Center (12) – 3302 Foxcroft Drive, $395,700.
  • Ostrander (1) – 6451 Marysville Road, $101,000.
  • Powell (13) – 5230 Woodbridge Avenue, $772,000.
  • Radnor (1) – 4132 Radnor Road, $120,000.
  • Sunbury (5) – 1919 County Road 605, $360,000.
  • Westerville (14) – 6490 Stillwater Cove, $860,000.

For more information on this information contact Toby Boyce of Howard Hanna RealCom’s Commercial Division at 740-990-9748 or by e-mail.

All information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

delaware seniors can get health screening

Delaware Health District Offers Safety Checks

In an effort to help older adults stay safe and stay independent in their home, the Delaware General Health District’s falls prevention program offers home safety checks.

delaware seniors can get health screening
Delaware County seniors can schedule a home-health check through the Delaware County Generhal Health District. [Cécile Graat/stock.xchng]

A home safety check is a free service where a health district health educator and a registered public health nurse tour an older resident’s home to assess any safety concerns. The appointments generally last an hour and include a health screening with the registered nurse.

In some cases, the assessment may find that an older adult is in need of grab bars in the bathroom, ramps to the door or simply a furniture rearrangement. The Health District works closely with the Council for Older Adults to provide home modifications on a sliding fee scale based on income and need.

Upon completion of the safety checks, clients will receive a safety tool kit that includes items that can help make a home become fall proof. Items include a nightlight, flashlight and an aluminum assist reacher.

For more information or to schedule a home safety check, call Mitchell Briant, DGHD adult injury prevention coordinator, at 740-203-2054.

6200 dublin road, delaware, ohio toby boyce

Delaware Real Estate Transactions This Week

For the Week of May 26 – June 2, 2014

Total transactions for the week were down, in large part because of Memorial Day holiday and the delay in filing end-of-the-month transfers. From discussion with area agents I would expect to a strong increase in total sales next week.

Delaware County Sales Stats (May 26-June 2)

Total Sales Valid Pct Valid Avg. Price Low High
113 63 44.2% $292,168 $0.00 $750,000

6200 dublin road, delaware, ohio toby boyce
Ready to move? Don’t miss out on this beautiful home in Concord Twp with 5 bedrooms, on 3.7 acres.

The highest valid transfer was the purchase of 1290 US 42 North – the Nextel building – for $750,000. The property was purchased by Route 42 LLC which includes Gina Grote, William Cashman, and Billy Kilgore according to state filing information.

Top Five Sales Last Week

  1. $750,000. 1290 U.S. Highway 42, Delaware, Other Retail.
  2. $695,000. 1069 Elderberry Loop, Delaware, Single-Family Residence.
  3. $660,000. 10716 Campden Lakes Boulevard, Dublin, Single-Family Residence.
  4. $515,000. 5033 Glenaire Drive, Dublin, Single-Family Residence.
  5. $505,000. 1027 Cattail Cove, Delaware, Vacant Residential Land.

The single-family residential market in Southern Delaware County up to basically a line at State Route 36 and Union County to Sunbury and then State Route 37 to the East County line has shown solid signs of improvement however areas north of the line continue to lag behind.

coyote in delaware ohio [Ohio Department of Wildlife has announced what Delaware, Ohio, residents should do when coyotes invade their neighborhood. [Simeon Eichmann / Stock.xchng

What to Do When You Spot a Coyote in Delaware

coyote in delaware ohio [Ohio Department of Wildlife has announced what Delaware, Ohio, residents should do when coyotes invade their neighborhood. [Simeon Eichmann / Stock.xchng
Ohio Department of Wildlife has announced what Delaware, Ohio, residents should do when coyotes invade their neighborhood. [Simeon Eichmann / Stock.xchng]

Spotting for coyotes have increased in Delaware, Ohio recently which has put many home owner’s on alarm for their small pets and children.

The Department of Natural Resources has recently released an update on what to do when you observe a coyote in your Delaware community.

So You Spot A Coyote in Your Urban Neighborhood. What Should You Do?

Ohio wildlife biologists are frequently contacted by concerned residents who spot coyotes in highly developed areas. This is often not cause for alarm. Coyotes are highly adaptable animals that live in a wide variety of environments thus there is no need to report sightings to wildlife officials unless the animal appears hurt, sick, or habituated. Here are a few steps to keep in mind when you encounter an urban coyote in the Buckeye State.

  1. Understand that coyotes are common throughout Ohio’s 88 counties and are regularly seen within city limits. Read more about coyotes at
  2. There are no wolves living in the wild in Ohio.
  3. If you spot a coyote on your property, make sure to remove all “attractants” to deter the coyote from returning. This includes removing garbage and pet food primarily before nightfall and cleaning up around the grill. Do not feed coyotes directly.
  4. Coyotes prey primarily on small mammals such as rabbits and rodents. However, interactions with domestic pets do occur sometimes. Keep small dogs and cats inside (especially after nightfall) or leashed when outside. Motion-sensitive lighting tends to be helpful too at keeping wildlife away from your home.
  5. Occasionally, an inquisitive coyote will stay put and watch you curiously. Make noise. Clap your hands and shout; the coyote will likely move on at this point. If it doesn’t, throw objects like rocks at it to scare it away. A coyote that loses its fear of humans could potentially become a threat.
  6. If the coyote visiting your yard does not respond to harassment techniques such as loud noises or it is presenting a conflict even after removing attractants from your yard, contact a nuisance trapper. Nuisance trappers use highly regulated techniques to reduce urban wildlife conflicts. Coyote populations in rural areas can be managed through legal hunting and trapping methods. Consult the yearly “Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulations” digest for more information.

In Delaware County there are only four licensed nuisance trappers to take care of the issue.

Company Owner City Phone
Kevin Morgan Ostrander OH (740) 272-2870
BCG, LLC Tom Bain Galena OH (614) 312-7513
Bugs & Bees Control, LLC Andrew Rowland Sunbury OH (614) 402-4877
Holy Moly Wildlife Control Robert Hedrick Delaware OH (740) 362-9111

Coyotes are here and we need to be proactive with protecting our pets in Delaware, Ohio.