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It is always great to get nice words from past-clients and others that I’ve worked with.

A few more include:

“Being a first time home buyer, my fiance and I were looking for a Realtor that we could trust and who would treat us like we were buying a $3 million dollar home. We were looking during a time period where home sales were beginning to slump and didn’t want to get stuck with a realtor who would overlook things to simply get a deal done. Toby took the time to listen to and flow with our ever changing wants and desires which was probably pretty frustrating, but did it with a smile on his face. Whenever we needed something, Toby was always there and was personally available where with other realtors you’re lucky to get a call back from in 24 hours. Toby was very knowledgeable about the loan process, house structure history etc. If he didn’t know an answer he didn’t build false hope, he simply took the time to research the right answer and got back to us quickly. We’re very thankful that Toby was able to provide his time and energy to direct us in the home buying process.”

Matt S, Columbus, Ohio

“Congratulations to the others winners, fine blogsters in their own right: Michael Price, Kevin Boer, Toby Boyce (a rising star & last week’s winner), Gerhard Ade, Jonathan Dalton, Elizabeth Weintraub, John Novak and the one and only REBlogGirl, Mary McKnight.” (emphasis is mine)

— Sellsius Blog

“Toby, thanks for giving us someone that we could trust in this process!”

Steven and Crystal P., Butler, Ohio

“Toby will work hard to find you a home if you are looking to buy and sell your home if you are selling. He will bust his butt for you!”

Mike B., Smithville, Ohio

“Toby Boyce worked for me at the Mount Vernon News while in high school and college. He is a hard-working young man who is always striving to find the best way to get a project accomplished.”

Fred M., Fredericktown, Ohio

“Toby is an excellent person and a real go getter!”

Gretchen B., Delaware, Ohio

“What can I say about Toby? Well he takes me out when I have to go, feeds me when I’m hungry, and puts up with me being a puppy.”

Sadie Lynn, Delaware, Ohio (Okay, so Toby made that one up)

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