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About Us?

About Us?

The Team

Toby Boyce

The Agent

Gretchen Boyce

The Boss

Sadie Lynn

Director of Barketing
Toby Boyce, MBA, began his career as professional writer and winning influence with folks. He continues to do just that working with buyer and sellers throughout greater Delaware County.

Toby has been a professional real estate agent since 2006 working mostly within residential real estate while doing some commercial and rental management as well.

Toby grew up in Danville, Ohio, learning the lessons of hard-work and the value of a hand shake. He continued his education at Mount Union College (Bachelor’s of Arts) and Heidelberg College (Master’s of Business Administration) in business.

Gretchen Boyce is the boss that keeps Ohio Home Team on the map. Without her consistent focus and attention, Toby would be lost.

Gretchen is renowned for her ability to find the lost and organize the buried and keep it that way.

Born and raised in Republic, Ohio, Gretchen enjoys a small-town spirit and work ethic that makes her and Toby a great match.

During her days, Gretchen works at Delaware Cardiology and the Bare Bowl.

Please note that Gretchen is not a licensed agent and does not conduct any real estate activities within the company.

Sadie Lynn, Director of Barketing, at Ohio Home Team, has been at her position for nearly five years now.

Sadie learned her trade on the hard streets of Knox County’s Amish Country at an early age and then the slight-less hard streets of suburban Delaware, Ohio.

She brings years of consistent focus on the details to the position and has been a key addition to our office.

Look for her paw of approval on every piece of “barketing” we send out and you could win a prize. Or better yet, just stop her on a walk and it might get some free swag. You never know … she’s all about giving away free kisses.


13 Replies to “About Us?”

  1. Toby,
    I want to thank you for getting back wth me. The webinars are great they have alot of information that i can. use. and i hope others will take a time to watch it and take some notes.
    Customer service is a 5 star ***** great Job Toby..
    we look forward to meeting you and finding a home for my family,,, I cant wait to finally have the American Dream…..Thank you again

  2. Toby,

    Sadie is HUGE! On a more serious note, great website, and blog. I like your value proposition. Back when I first joined KW that was something we talked about a great deal. I think yours hit it on the head perfectly.

  3. Randy,

    The closing was not geared towards you or anyone particular poster.

    The problem I had with the comments’ tone is that I am not in a position to add value to the discussion. When the tone went sour before it was usually due to something that could be discussed and using the Contest’s Web site as a guide figured out.

    This is a situation where only a hand-full of people know the answer to who won the prize. I have never met these people, short of a couple of conversations with Tabitha via e-mail, and don’t have anyway to answer the questions about what has happened.

    I’m glad that people have found my site as an informative forum for the contest however it was nothing more than a report of the contest.

    I’m sorry that they are not keeping up their Web site, I can’t do anything about that.


  4. Hi Toby,

    My name is Randy Halverson. I left one of the last posts to your site about the essay contest. I’m sorry you closed it off. I hope the tone you referred to wasn’t directed to me. It is reasonable to question the legitimacy of the contest if no one is ever publicly announced as a winner and/or winning essay posted. Where else would the entry fees have gone? If you are opposed to my raising the question in a positive way that gave the sponsors the benefit of the doubt (perhaps it was the others’ comments to which you were referring) why didn’t you close the post long ago when things had such a negative tone to them? I believe there were still many of us who were visiting your website to learn what we could because there is no activity or indication on the contest website itself. Isn’t it is a matter of fair and honest dealing for people to desire to know that their entry fee for the contest wasn’t thrown away? To some of us it was a lot of money. Those who were getting nasty and using words like “epic scam” and “amen, I’m on your side” might have been steered in line. Unfortunately, now this avenue of learning anything about the contest outcome is closed — leaving none unless something is yet to be posted on the contest site.

    I’m curious, did you happen to know the people who sponsored the contest? Do you know if a winner was truly selected and the prize money awarded? I’d be glad to know just to put the question to rest. Thanks — if you can help with this one.


    One more thought: if there is never any acknowledgement of a winner receiving the prize money for submitting a winning essay, it will have a negative impact on all the other contests like this one that are being held both now and in the future.

  5. Michelle – Thanks for the visit. Sadie’s my first boxer but my wife’s third and I have a feeling we’ll never be without one for a long time. They are such wonderful companions.

  6. Ben – Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. It is always great to meet new residents – and fellow boxer owners – in Delaware. Hope that Olivia is enjoying the sun! Sadie is curled up in a ball in front of the slider enjoying today’s beautiful weather!

  7. Just moved here recently from Cincinnati. Grew up in Mt. Vernon. Love your blog. It’s more comprehensive than any actual website I’ve found. Just wanted to say thanks and good job with it.

    ps. I’ve also got a boxer named Olivia. She’ll be 3 in August.

  8. Toby & Sadie, love your blog….especially since it features Sadie! I had 2 boxers that passed last year (1 from congestive heart failure & 1 from stomach cancer) and miss them desparately. We still have 4 dogs, but they held my heart..Sadie you made me smile! Thaks for visiting blog also!

  9. Toby — Thanks for the polite words in regard to “My Desultory Blog” on February 24, 2007. I’m glad to hear you support biodiesel as part of the solution to our nation’s petroleum problem. The superior efficiency of the diesel engine combined with a domestically produced, clean, blendable renewable fuel options is a great alternative for our country. –RichC |

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