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Toby Boyce

The Agent

Gretchen Boyce

The Boss

Sadie Lynn

Director of Barketing
Toby Boyce, MBA, began his career as professional writer and winning influence with folks. He continues to do just that working with buyer and sellers throughout greater Delaware County.

Toby has been a professional real estate agent since 2006 working mostly within residential real estate while doing some commercial and rental management as well.

Toby grew up in Danville, Ohio, learning the lessons of hard-work and the value of a hand shake. He continued his education at Mount Union College (Bachelor’s of Arts) and Heidelberg College (Master’s of Business Administration) in business.

Gretchen Boyce is the boss that keeps Ohio Home Team on the map. Without her consistent focus and attention, Toby would be lost.

Gretchen is renowned for her ability to find the lost and organize the buried and keep it that way.

Born and raised in Republic, Ohio, Gretchen enjoys a small-town spirit and work ethic that makes her and Toby a great match.

During her days, Gretchen works at Delaware Cardiology and the Bare Bowl.

Please note that Gretchen is not a licensed agent and does not conduct any real estate activities within the company.

Sadie Lynn, Director of Barketing, at Ohio Home Team, has been at her position for nearly five years now.

Sadie learned her trade on the hard streets of Knox County’s Amish Country at an early age and then the slight-less hard streets of suburban Delaware, Ohio.

She brings years of consistent focus on the details to the position and has been a key addition to our office.

Look for her paw of approval on every piece of “barketing” we send out and you could win a prize. Or better yet, just stop her on a walk and it might get some free swag. You never know … she’s all about giving away free kisses.