Delaware Real Estate Continues to Slide Further into Winter

This Week in Real Estate: January 21-27


If last week’s real estate numbers in Delaware County were a lamb, then this week is … well … lambchop?

Only 63 property’s transferred in Delaware County last — the lowest in the 12 weeks we’ve been tracking here at — exactly one-half of the units that transferred last week. The four-week rolling average slid to only 116 properties from 120 last week.

The $8,023,272 in volume is nearly 48 percent below the four-week rolling average of $16,893,493.50. The rolling average slid 7.19 percent this week and is down 52 percent from its high in mid-December.

The four-week rolling average per parcel continues to fall, dropping another 6.31 percent this week, to just under $142,000.

City By City Break Down of Transfers in Delaware County

Community Nu. (Valid) Paid Tax Amt.
Ashley – (-)
Columbus 2 (1) $198,000 $358,700
Delaware 20 (3) $510,808 $3,100,600
Dublin 1 (0) $0 $136,000
Galena 1 (1) $212,000 $198,000
Lewis Center 6 (1) $614,800 $1,554,800
Marengo – (-) $- $-
Ostrander – (-) $- $-
Powell 13 (7) $2,938,065 $2,915,050
Richwood – (-) $- $-
Sunbury 4 (3) $744,000 $682,900
Westerville 17 (8) $2,805,599 $4,491,400

As to the drop in the number of actual transfers the only thing I can guess is that it goes hand-in-hand with the Holiday season. People were focusing on friends and family this time in December and not on buying homes.

I would expect we’ll see the four-week rolling averages begin to trend upward in two weeks after we get past the first of February.

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