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2013 Continues to Come In Like a Lamb in Delaware County

2013 Continues to Come In Like a Lamb in Delaware County

All the prognosticators have 2013 as the “Year of Real Estate” however in Delaware County Ohio it appears to be coming in like a lamb.

Transfers are starting slow in Delaware County Ohio.
Delaware (Ohio) County transfers are starting slow in 2013 compared to how they ended 2012.

There were 126 property transfers in Delaware County from January 14 – 20 with a transferred volume of only $12,941,843 or at least 11-week low of $102,713 per transfer.

The Four-Week Rolling Average for transfers reached a 7-week low when it dropped to 120 units this week down 4.38% from last week. However, the four-week rolling average on volume reached a low since, Ohio Home Team and Toby Boyce began tracking these statistics last November at only $18,108,504.50 down 17.87 percent from the previous week.

The extreme drop in volume is easily shown by the drastic increase in the number of non-valid sales that occurred this week with 61.9 percent of the transfers being not-valid sales. Only nine of those 77 transfers had any value at all associated with the parcels being transferred which drags down the overall value.

City By City Break Down of Transfers in Delaware County

Community Nu. (Valid) Paid Tax Amt.
Ashley 1 (1) $101,750 $88,700
Columbus 2 (0) $0 $18,667,200
Delaware 36 (17) $4,073,805 $4,831,500
Dublin 4 (1) $450,000 $1,612,100
Galena 5 (4) $882,188 $917,900
Lewis Center 16 (9) $2,767,412 $3,165,700
Marengo 1 (0) $0 $46,100
Ostrander 7 (1) $27,000 $1,277,200
Powell 22 (6) $2,288,560 $6,368,700
Richwood 1 (0) $0 $2,400
Sunbury 11 (3) $506,740 $1,414,100
Westerville 21 (7) $1,844,381 $5,990,400

As to the drop in the number of actual transfers the only thing I can guess is that it goes hand-in-hand with the Holiday season. People were focusing on friends and family this time in December and not on buying homes.

I would expect we’ll see the four-week rolling averages begin to trend upward in two weeks after we get past the first of February.

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