Delaware Weekly Home Sale Reports – December 17-23

Twas’ the week before Christmas and the real estate market barely slowed down in Delaware County, Ohio, according to statistics released by the county on Monday, December 24.

Across Delaware County, 147 units were recorded for a recorded $25,887,531 on a reported tax value of $33,446,700. It was a very unique week in that only 45 percent of the transactions were valid sales according to the Delaware County Auditor’s definition. It seems that a lot of the transactions were properties going into foreclosure, being bought out of foreclosure, and intities making strategic transfers — lots of builders moving lots between divisions for example. Hence the transactions were mostly paper moves.

City Units/Valid Market Value Value/Sale
Ashley 3/1 $109,900 $36,633
Centerburg 5/3 $250,000 $50,000
Columbus 2/1 $274,000 $137,000
Delaware 35/12 $7,341,050 $209,744
Dublin 3/0 $0 $0
Galena 9/4 $1,442,400 $131,127
Killbourne 1/0 $22,000 $22,000
Lewis Center 22/9 $4,487,106 $203,959
Ostrander 2/2 $214,900 $107,450
Powell 25/13 $4,177,526 $167,101
Radnor 5/5 $201,933 $40,387
Richwood 1/0 $49,750 $49,750
Sunbury 15/7 $2,824,676 $188,312
Westerville 20/10 $4,492,290 $224,615

The market remained solid for the time of year. No four-week average this week as the “snowmeggedon” has us snowed in at mother-in-law’s and that data is at the home-office.

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