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Curb Mistakes Will Extend Your Home Sale Time

Curb Mistakes Will Extend Your Home Sale Time

When it comes to getting readership the “experts” say it’s great to do lists …

LiveSmart recently posted a “Avoid these 5 curb-appeal mistakes” article which I’m sure got them a lot of readers, but did it really help home owners when it comes time to sell there home?

  • Cluttered Driveway
  • Eyesore Neglect
  • Garish Colors
  • Personal Possessions
  • Dead on Arrival

Can I ask a simple question … Are you shocked by any of these?

I don’t knock the writer for giving tips on how to sell your home … But these are so blatantly obvious that it just doesn’t really help.

I’ve never had a discussion with a seller that had a “unique” colored home that didn’t know it was an issue. However, in today’s market do sellers have the reserves to repaint or reside the home? Not usually.

The key becomes to make wise decisions with the money you have and get the bang for your buck. I refuse to buy into the REALTOR “line” that you’ll get x% return on this investment in your home.

Why not?

Simple reason. There are too many variables to factor into each improvement to say improve your bathroom and you’ll get “x%” back. Let’s say I have a $100,000 house and choose to “upgrade” my kitchen by doing a $25,000 update. Will I get a 25% increase in the value of my property? Doubtful.

Remodel Your Delaware Ohio Home
[/media-credit] Doing major repairs to your exterior can be expensive and – worse yet – many are buyer specific and make it hard for a buyer to see through your changes. When selling make your exterior clean and inviting. Sound too easy? Well it isn’t. (photo by Greenchild/stock.xchng)

What Should I Do?

Start with the basics. Clean, wash, mow, trim and make the exterior look great. The hardest part is that unlike showings you don’t know when potential buyers are driving buy to check out your home. So you have to remain proactive with the updates and mowing … Sorry


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