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Powell Real Estate Continues to Smoke Red Hot

It has been a hot summer in Powell real estate and September was hotter than Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeye football team.

The Market Statistics from September 2012 in Powell Ohio

Looking back just one year, the real estate market in Powell, Ohio, has seen a drastic reduction in days on market (-13), active listings (-144), new listings (-9), closed sales month of inventory (-3.7 months), pended sales months of inventory (-5.1). However, the key number is that number of sold homes has increased by 13 and pended homes are up 34 (or 68%) over last September.

The Buckeyes’ have streaked out to a perfect start and Powell, Ohio, saw and amazing 51 single-family homes change hands during the month of September. The average single-family sale was $330,388 ($125.93 per square foot) after being listed at $345,352 ($131.80 per foot) for 73 days. The largest single family home to sell last month was 5.854 square feet and the highest priced home was $800,000 while the cheapest was $82,500 and the smallest was 734 square feet.

On the condominium market, there were 19 sales in September in Powell, Ohio. The average price was $195,024 ($105.72 per foot) after being listed at $201,511 ($110.39 per foot) for 87 days. The most expensive condominium to sell was $299,900 and the largest was 3,290 square feet. While the smallest was 1,152 square feet and the cheapest was $91,000.

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