Don’t Let Records Die, Visit Endangered Species The Last Record Store on Earth

Record Store Day is upon us and the “big names” are doing there song-and-dance about how much they support the little guy. However, it is your chance every single day to support the “little guy” with Delaware, Ohio’s Endangered Species the Last Record Store on Earth.

Endangered Species is relatively new in Delaware as it opened in 2011 but it has a long and storied tradition in the city. Pat opened the record store under the title “Low Budget Records” in the ’80s but it became better known as Pat’s Records by the locals and was a mainstay on Sandusky Street until 2006 when Pat sold the store and moved to Montana and eventually the Tennessee and Virginia border. Hearing his old store in Delaware had closed, was too much, and led Pat back to Delaware to a new location and a new name.

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Its Record Store Day so it sounds like a great time to head on over to Endangered Species … the Last Record Store on Earth in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio, to pick up some brand new vinyl albums.

Why should you be choosing vinyl?

According to Billboard editor Joe Levy in a CBS News report from Friday, “When you take music to digital, you’re losing a certain amount of information. You’re clipping off the highs and lows. I can carry 10,000 songs in my pocket. But do they sound as good as the 12 songs on this record? No.”

When it comes to Endangered Species, what I really like is that Pat knows the music and understands what we are talking about. Compared to the “box retail” options you have someone that knows his product but also carries a collection of items that can’t be found in the Box Store. I’m a big bluegrass / folk music fan and picked up the Goat Rodeo Sessions and a Dan Fogelberg disc. And tonight, I’ll be heading down to pick up the new Civil Wars disc — though not on vinyl since I don’t have the equipment.

That’s good enough for me. So head on over to Endangered Species … the Last Record Store on Earth at 12 North Sandusky Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio.