Delaware Harvest Festival This Weekend

antique_tractor.jpgThe Summer Harvest Festivial is arriving at the Ottawa Bota Farm this weekend and is a great way to introduce the kids to the farming techniques of yesterday.

Saturday’s schedule begins at 11 a.m. with field activities, barnyard activities kick-off at noon and continue at 1 and 3 p.m. Sunday’s activities begin at noon and continue until into the evening.

There will be numerous pieces of machinery on display during the festival:

  • Tractors:Many different makes and models;
  • Engines: Stationary, Hit & Miss, etc.;
  • Draft Horses: Percherons and Haflingers;
  • Tillage Equipment: Plows, Disks, Harrows, etc.;
  • Planting: Corn Planter, Grain Drills, Wheat Drill, etc.;
  • Grain Harvest: Horse-Powered Ground Hog Thresher, Binder, Reaper, Thresher, etc.;
  • Corn Harvest: Binder, Husker-Shredder, Sheller, etc.;
  • Mills: Stone Grist Mills, Burr Mills, etc.;
  • Hay: Mower, Rake, Tedder, Hay Loader, Stationary Baler, Horse Powered Hay Press, etc.

They will also have a concession stand on site for everyone to enjoy.

Ottawa Bota Farm is located at 7585 Taway Road (between St. Rtes. 257 and 4 northwest of Delaware) in Radnor.

Should be a good time, see you soon!

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